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At Nebraska Entrepreneurship, we realize that great information on how to start and run a small business can come from many sources. Whether you are a business owner, academic, business writer or you supply entrepreneurs with products or services, we invite you to share your knowledge and experience with our readers.

Our audience of entrepreneurs and small business professionals love to read expert advice and commentary from other professionals who have a passion for their business, a desire to help others and a love for sharing their knowledge. We classify our contributors into two categories: Partners & Sponsors.

Partner Contributors work at non-profit or educational institutions that share their knowledge and expertise with no expected financial gain from doing so. Most of the time, these contributors post articles and videos on a consistent basis.

Guest Contributors are businesses and service providers that want to promote themselves or their product to our readership through education. We recognize that our sponsors have valuable insight that entrepreneurs and small business owners can profit from, so we encourage our sponsors to reach them by providing interesting, non-product specific information in engaging articles and videos. Overt commercials will be rejected.

We encourage guest contributors to make a donation, so we can keep this site running.

Contact us for detailed submission requirements and processes.

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