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10 Tips To Have A Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking The Bank

Now that the summer holidays are fast approaching, most of us are busy in making holiday plans. The mood is all set whether you want to escape the hustle-bustle of the city life for a couple of days or spending a relaxing two week holiday trip at your favorite holiday destination. But, you don’t want to blow the budget and return home repenting on holiday expenses. So, whether you want to finalise a last minute holiday, a late deal or an all inclusive break, it’s not wrong to be cost conscious.

So, here are the top tips for having a great holiday without breaking the bank –

1- It is always better to set a maximum budget that will comprise of travelling, costs related to travelling and accommodation, shopping, and getting to and from the airport, etc.

2- It is imperative that you stick to your set holiday budget. It is imperative that you have a practical approach of how far your money will go and what are the destinations that you can afford.

3- The timing at which you are travelling is of great significance. Make sure that while you plan your trip, it should be during off peak and mid-week. If you book ahead and avoid weekend travelling, you get to save a significant amount of flight and hotel accommodation.

4- The best option that you have is to go for all inclusive. All you need is to make one upfront payment that will get you accommodation, food and drink, and travelling. The best thing is that you get to save money for your holiday shopping and other entertainment that you get to enjoy. Doing price comparison will surely come handy.

5- If you are making your trip plan from the scratch, make sure that you have kept a running total of your costs. This will help you in measuring against the set budget. If not then you are surely going to blow it completely way before you even booked for your holidays. Finding cheap holidays destinations is possible but that requires so much research work, so if it is going beyond your set budget, make sure you have changed your destination.

6- It is advisable that you should go for the holiday destinations that have lower costs of living and offer attractive exchange rates as well. As compared to last year, this summer has witnessed a considerable drop in the everyday costs, especially for the tourists and holidaymakers in places like Cyprus, Algarve, Houston and Spain. Countries like Bulgaria, Egypt, and Turkey are also hot favourites.

7- Before you give a final go to the holiday destination, make sure you have checked the total price with the chosen airline operators. All the extras like on board meals, baggage and credit card fees; they all have the possibility of adding up. A company which seemed cheaper initially might end up being expensive later on.

8- Shopping for holiday extras will be a good decision. You get to save a significant amount by doing pre-booking airport parking or booking a car hire from the UK. Of course, don’t forget the travel insurance. All these money saving ideas will surely come handy in keeping your holiday costs under the set budget.

9- Make sure that you are extra cautious about baggage weights and documentation. Overweight and having extra bags can cost you around £100 at the airport and if you have lost your boarding pass, it can cost you £40 per person with some airlines.

10- When you are at your favourite holiday destination, make sure you don’t go on a shopping spree. But first, ask yourself that whether the duty free goods are worth buying? There are chances that you may get to buy them at home at a much cheaper price anyway and you could be blowing your set budget.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time with your friends, all you need is to follow the above-discussed tips and you are good to go.

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