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How Does Product Packaging Affect Consumers’ Buying Decisions?

Product packaging has been considered a determinant in sales. It has always been a marketing platform for various products. This is because a product’s packaging has become one of its selling points. Developing and using an effective packaging can be described as that which establishes the brand while seemingly conveying the products reliable quality. Packaging is considered crucial especially when the product is sold in retail. Its packaging is supposedly the one that sets it apart from other products of the same type.

It cannot be denied that innovations and numerous manufacturing companies have led to a huge number of products for consumers to choose from. Given this fact, companies that sell products in a market full of competitors often focus on creating and using the right packaging. It can be said that packaging then is crucial in attracting consumers.

Product Packaging Considerations

  1. Product Branding

The product packaging should nonetheless embody the company’s brand image which has to be consistent from the start. The packaging should enable reinforcement of the brand’s image. For example, if the company wants to project an image of innovative products, then it should opt to develop and implement a packaging which is significantly different from the usual. By doing this, the unique packaging reinforces the company’s innovative and “new” image. Customers will associate a brand’s image with how its product is packaged. This is indeed challenging for companies which project the same objectives and manufactures similar products.

  1. Secure and Sturdy Packaging

Consumers surely do not want a dented or opened product. Thus, companies should make it a point to test the durability of product packaging. This is extremely necessary for products which should maintain its form and for those which are edible. The packaging should be able to withstand shipping and unexpected temperature exposure during delivery in stores. A perfectly maintained packaging is not only visually appealing but also reassuring for product quality.

  1. Green or Environment-friendly Packaging

Going green is definitely in! In using green packaging, not only are companies targeting consumers who are environmentally conscious, they are actually saving the environment. Sustainability has been the game in packaging. Reduce, reuse, recycle has been the mantra of various companies in order to save funds in manufacturing new packaging. Being reusable makes the company eco-friendly while reinforcing the great standard of their production. Buying goods which are packaged this way is surely a feel-good idea for the consumers.

4. Take Note of Color Patterns

Similar products or those which basically have the same purpose or type more often than not use the same color scheme in their packaging. For example, premium or luxury products are often labeled and packaged with the colors white, gold and black. For cleaning products, white and blue are mostly used. While a radical change or deviation from this scheme can help a product stand out, it can also bring it down. Since color schemes may have been established for a particular product, it might as well be followed and partnered with a more appealing design to stand out.

Packaging Tips

  1. Bring out your brand identity

Highlighting the brand image is always positive. A packaging which emulates the personality of a certain brand not only benefits from brand name and trust, it also helps in reinforcing its image. Brand image can be expressed in so many ways from the font style of the label to the symbols and images present on the packaging. The packaging is a company’s way to convey its identity and values. It speaks to the consumers through text size, typography, color, etc.

  1. Simplicity is beauty

Product packaging, small or big, still allots space for marketing to kick in. While many overdo the packaging, it is still suggested to stick with the basics. The symbols and images which the packaging contain should immediately convey what the product is for. An eye-catching and meaningful packaging in the sense that a consumer knows what it is at first glance is a sign of good packaging. On the other hand, excessiveness in the layout can make a company lose a potential customer.

What should the packaging contain?

  1. The right color of packaging

Color attracts consumers before the contents a product has. Thus, ample attention should be given to the package coloring. Aforementioned is the fact that color schemes have been a custom to many product types conveying the same image or selling the same products. Color is the first chance given to a product to call out consumers. Visually pleasing colored packages influence the consumer’s’ preference most of the time.

  1. A design that stands out

 While it is encouraged to be simple, companies should still make it a point to be uniquely simple and beautiful. An attractive packaging should contain a different variation of the symbol to help it stand out while describing the product but should be similar enough to be recognized.

  1. The brand logo

A well-established brand name makes the consumers want more of it. A trusted brand makes consumers buy most if not all of the products it sells. This is called brand loyalty. The product that has its brand logo benefits from this and the latter also benefit through reinforcement of the brand image and reliability.

  1. Readable texts

It is crucial that a product’s name and content be visible and readable. It should be presented in a legible way. The packaging should contain texts which are easily read and understood. Consumers would want to buy a product which shows what it contains such as its benefits and selling points.

Basically every aspect of the packaging affects the consumer’s stand on whether or not to buy a product. From the correctness of the label and color up to the sturdiness and eco-friendliness of the packaging. With a wide range of products to choose from, the design of the packaging often makes the decision for the consumer.

Packaging affects the buyer more than consumers can ever realize. This is why looking for the right packaging company is a big decision to make. Lucky are those who avail the services of one of the largest packaging supplies providers in Australia because their products make a good first impression to the consumers. Packaging dictates purchase decision in a snap. As mentioned earlier, certain factors of the packaging affect the consumers’ take of the product. It may include design, greenness, and of course the brand logo it bears.